Wednesday, June 8, 2011


In today's gospel reading we continue Jesus' prayer that is spread throught out the John 17.  It is truly a challenging text that confronts us -- at least me -- when he prays that we "will be one as you, Father, are in me and I in you."  It is evident, so the scripture scholars believe, that at this point Jesus "suddenly" starts talking, praying, beyond those that are with him on this Thursday evening.  We are presented with the relationship of the Father with the Son and then the relationship between the members of the community (you, me and all the others).  We have to see beyond human solidarity.  John sees these two relationships as a revelation of the Father with Jesus.  It is Jesus who brings the disciples into a communal relationship with God.  Surely we are dealing with mystery.  But we do see that the relationship between Jesus and the Father is based on one reality:  their mutual love for one another.

Perhaps you who are parents may have an easier time grasping these words of Jesus.    Don you say or pray in a similar way:  "Father, I pray that my daughter/son may always be one with us, his parents, and his siblings.  And don't all of us pray that we are one with God -- Father, Son and Holy Spirit?  Is there not something is this reality, this relationship, similar to the relationship of the Father and the Son?  Doesn't it have to do with mutual love, the love between parents and children, between children and parents as well as between children and others in the world?

These words of Jesus in prayer truly are words that call us to pause and listen to the Holy Spirit who speaks to us in prayer.