Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The journey of each season of the Church's Liturgical Calendar is, I believe, simply a search for the Sacred.  There are saints and sinners honored.  Their lives, letters and other writings divulge their personal effort to discover and live in the Sacred.  Recall during this season some of the religious carols that clearly express the composers' desire to enter into the experiences of the Sacred.  In this work they have put together for musicians, singers and audiences a sharing of their vision of the Sacred as they have found it in the words they have composed.

The very effort to discover the Sacred, when looked at closely, unites us with one another throughout the world.  Some may feel that gaining any degree of participation int he Sacred is an opening of ourselves to know more about ourselves.  In the right setting, doesn't the Christmas hymn, O Holy Night, left you from this world into an experience of the Sacred where you might possibly find yourself in a moment of metanoia, transformation.

As you wok your Advent journey, take the time to let your inner spirit find the quiet that serves as the key to the reality of the Sacred.  It is truly worth every second you can invest in such quiet.  There you will find the key that opens the heart to the Sacred.