Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Today our reading introduces us to the second part of the Book of Isaiah.  In particular this section is call "Second Isaiah" or "The Book of Consolation."  It is a very different style of writing and the message is very different from the firsts 40 chapters.  There is a clear movement from the harsher prophecies to words of consolation, to words of comfort for the Jewish people ending a period of captivity and beginning the return home.

Now is the time for us to fulfill part of our obligations as Roman Catholics to make known the Jesus who will be a sign of consolation and comfort as well.  Just recall the imagery Jesus gives us during his days of preaching.  The Prodigal Son.  The Good Shepherd.  Jesus at the well with the woman.  This is the reason for the Advent Season -- awake followers, celebrate my birth once again but celebrate the tremendous gift that you will receive from me.  I am your Savior.

Apologies for missing a reflection yesterday.  On Saturday I brought a new responsibility into my residence:  a 10 week old Chocolate Labrador.  All was going very well ford the first two days.  Yesterday I took him to the vet for a required shot and other medicines.  What a different dog he was yesterday.  Hyperactivity marked the entire day.  I have earned something of the "spirit" in the house of those who return with a newborn.  Not equating a dog with a child, but find the attention sought and needed so similar to what I have seen.  His name:  Hershey.  Born 9/22/11.  Already 14.5 pounds.  At the moment snoring at my feet.  Would that I could get up without his realizing this his new found buddy is walking away from the chair I am sitting in.  By the way there has been one major help:  he barks when he needs to go outside for necessary actions!!!  The only unpleasant mess on the carpet came not directly from him but from the bottom of my shoe!!!  It is fun and it will be a learning experience ... for me!