Sunday, January 15, 2012

God's Will In My Life

Monday, January 16, 2012

As we move through the peaks and valleys of our lives, a question that has to be confronted each day is this:  how significant is God's will for me?  Surely most followers of Jess would respond with the assurance that it is very important.   That reply leaves wiggle room, however, doesn't it?  And how many of us would have answered that there is nothing more important ?  Very few, no doubt!

Examine your day . just yesterday, Sunday.  "Did I really attempt to make God's will the most important intention in every thing I did?"  Was getting to church Saturday evening or Sunday enough?  Well, for sure, simply participating in the liturgy is pious practice which God commands of us.  And what about the rest of the day?  Life in the kingdom of God demands much more!

When someone complains about his/her current state of unhappiness or a loss of true inner peace, he/she should ask how attentive bas been the attention to God's will.

The first reading today, I Samuel 15:16-23 we consider the cost of Saul's (not the man Paul) kingship.  Saul did carry out Yahweh's will to a certain degree.  He did conquer the Israel's enemy, the Amalekites.  However, it was not God's will for the king and his army to play "winner takes all!"

An interesting reality is this pledge to be faithful to God's will in my/your life.  How do I respond?