Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Will of God in Making Choices

How frightening it can be when in one's heart the spirit is moving the person to someone or something other than what the person thinks is best.  Like Samuel when he was receiving the vibes to appoint a new king!  Fear that Saul would kill him filled Samuel's heart when he realized he had to tell the king to step down.  Bring a heifer for sacrifice!   God spoke to Samuel:  Don't let appearances mislead.  Choose the new king!  Jesse brought in his sons and one by one Samuel rejected each one because none was God's choice.  Samuel asked Jess if he had another son.  The youngest son was then brought to the prophet from his work in the fields.  This one the young man who was chosen.  David by name.  And with the least experience.  Oh, how different are God's ways.

From this event we can learn that discernment in making a choice or decision can take time.  Patience is needed in seeking to know the will of God ... especially during trying moments.  How easily do we find God's will when loved one present heavy burdens and an answer is not quickly or easily found.  Trying to discern what God wants done:  a genuine challenge.  Consider Samuel having to endure many evaluations of potential kings to replace King Saul.  Where is comfort or peace in such a process?  

Imagine the cross parents carry when, try as earnestly as they can, a child just cannot choose the right path.  This is the challenge of learning God's will which may be next to impossible to discern quickly.  We must never quit the search.  We must continue to pray, pray, pray for the day when we hear words similar to the responsorial psalm:  "Have found David my servant" (Ps 88).