Sunday, January 22, 2012

Third Sunday of Ordinary TIme

Here we are on the Third Sunday of Ordinary Time, the fourth Sunday of January.  It is interesting that on this Sunday as well as last Sunday our readings the theme of three readings for these two Sundays relates to Jesus calling disciples.  We are at the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry.  John the Baptist has been arrested.  We have an opportunity to consider how those called have responded to Jesus’ invitation.

Four weeks ago we were hearing much about resolutions for the new year.  Perhaps the Church places these readings where they are for us to remember what “calling”  we may have received from the Holy Spirit for our lives in this new year. 

Most of us are settled in our vocation.  We have been engaged in it for some time.  The question we might be asking ourselves is rather simple:  Am I living up to the calling that God has entrusted to us.  It is a calling that continues to come to us each day and each year.  We might ask ourselves how we have taken the time to consider how we are living up to that calling.

When our calling has fallen into a need for updating or correction, we have to stop and address that issue.  In the gospel story today, the nets can be seen as those things or personal relationships that limit my being able to live my calling to the fullest.  Have I examined what nets might be tangling up my life .... things .... people .... self-centered ambitions?

So today we might ask for the graces of the Holy Spirit to help us clarify our callings if we know or think we might have lost a keen insight into how we are to live out our calling.  Today we should pray that we hear clearly the call that God has given to us and the strength to go where He wants it to lead me!  Don’t forget this:  we have to answer before God ultimately.  So,  at this time in my life would God be please with me and the life I am living?