Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What Powers Do We Have?

Did you ever find yourself faced with a challenge which you felt was far beyond your physical or emotional strength?  Most people would have a sense of fear when a challenge seems to be overwhelming.  Let's assume you could not avoid or get around this challenge.  What resources do you begin to tap with the hope that you will conjure up the needed strength to prevail?

Today's first reading (I Samuel 17: 32-33, 37, 40-51) recalls what occurred in the life King David before Samuel anointed him kind for Yahweh.  For sure the young man, David, was physically smaller than Goliath.  Even the strongest and bravest opted never to entertain any contest with the great Philistine.

However, young David, from the tribe of Benjamin, told King Saul that he was not fearful of an encounter to subdue the annoying Goliath.  Of course King Saul reminded David that his youth enthusiasm, while noble, his size and lack of experience made him no challenge for the great taunter of the Israeli army's best soldiers.

David had a weapon that neither Saul nor Goliath would think of using to remove a constant threat to the Jewish King and his army.  David's weapon was neither sword nor spear.  He would not rely upon such weapons.  Rather he would use two means to bring down the giant.  The first in David's mind was the power of Yahweh.  He trusted that Yahweh would never fail him.  The second "weapon" would be the slingshot.   Members of the Tribe of Benjamin were noted for their skill in using the sling.  We know the "rest of the story."

So back to the beginning of this posting!  When faced with an overwhelming situation, do you employ the "Davidic Principle"?  Do you believe and trust that God will provide you the needed resources you might need?

Think again of the problems you confront.  Have you brought the power of God with you to face and overcome the challenge?

"I can do everything in Him who gives me strength."