Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday in the Second Week of Easter - 2012

Today we find ourselves in the disciples' boat on rough waters.  No doubt we have had similar moments in spiritual journeys.  What do we do?  St Francis de Sales offers a suggestion.  The country folk in his home region had this practice.  When pulling up a bucket of water from a well, the practice was to place a piece of wood into the bucket that would float.  That piece of wood kept the water from spilling out or sloshing.  The saint used it as an example of what we can do in our storms of life.  He said the wood represents the cross of Christ.  He taught that in roguh times we need to be sure to have time with Jesus on  his cross.  The crucified Christ is a source of calming and serenity.

A question: when you have "those turbulent moments" do you turn to the Christ on his cross?