Saturday, April 21, 2012

Third Sunday of Easter Time - 2012
April 22, 2012

On our Easter journey to Pentecost Sunday we encounter another of those truly special moments the disciples were privileged to experience in the post-Resurrection days.  Jesus comes to them at the seaside. He is tells them who he is.  He asks for something to eat.  Then he opened up the more of the meanings in Sacred Scripture.  What is the principle attitude here is summed up in four words, a phrase the disciples have known since Holy Thursday evening:  Peace be with you!

Yesterday's reflection was about how best to handle those days of life's storms that come upon us.  Today we the gospel reading offers the opportunity once again to strengthen the trust we have in Jesus Christ ... just as it was strengthened in the apostles' hearts alone the waterside.

One of the true challenges that we face that tampers with our inner peace is the ability to live in the present moment.  Yes, the present moment!  Just think how many times we let distractions take over our hearts and souls because the present moment is clouded or confused by the events that seem to fill it all too often with some discomfort.  None of us seeks human suffering, painful moments that eradicate the joy that God wants us to have in the present moment.

Did you ever stop to think that one of the principle reasons that God instilled in each of us the presence of the Holy Spirit was to strengthen our relationship to Jesus Christ.  How often yesterday, for example did you thank Jesus Christ for his prayers that he offered to the Father in each of us?  We must not forget it is the sacrifice of Calvary that brought about so much of the forgiving gift Jesus gives us.  In a quiet time, when there is genuine stillness, listen and feel for the gentle breeze that is ours because of the gift of the same Holy Spirit.

Often we are encouraged to open our hearts and minds to someone else who might be seeking to help us. How often do you petition Jesus for the graces to open yourself to the peace that Jesus brings to those who seek to live in his love and care.

As you celebrate another Sunday in Easter time, take a moment for this question:  Is there something in particular in my life calling out for the peace of Jesus Christ?  Can I recognize that call for what it is?

I need your assistance.  Several people have come to me in the last 72 hours with terrible problems.  Please pray with me for them that they might be more open to the Holy Spirit in their lives to assist them muddle their way through the very difficult problems they are facing at the present time.  Thank you ever so much.  Truly, I do believe, your prayers will greatly assist them.  Two young people have to make a very serious and difficult decision at this time in their lives.  It will not be easy.  Painful it will be.
(Saturday's reflection is below.)