Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wednesday in the Third Week of Easter - 2

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Today we commemorate a writer of the life of Christ as personally experienced by one of the four evangelist, St. Mark.  Mark composed the briefest of the accounts of Jesus' life.  Surely his writings about Jesus draw our attention to what events touched this man's life.

In short, this evangelist succinctly highlights events or moments that have particular meaning.  Remember Mark, referred to at times as John Mark, recounts Jesus' message about the kingdom of God that had never been so clearly presented.  Mark wants his readers and hearers to recognize that Jesus himself is the gospel of the Lord.

While the evangelists wrote after Jesus' death and resurrection, their point of view, their experiences are somewhat different -- the reason that there are additions or non-inclusions in each of the four versions of their life of Christ.

So, a question:  were you invited by Pope Benedict or a local Bishop or had a Holy Spirit-driven moment, consider how you would compose the life of Christ?  Yes, you!!!  Each of the Evangelists may not have been present for all of the recorded Jesus events.  But hearing and learning and the Holy Spirit brought them to their writings.  What would you do?  There have been many of those moments in your life that would definitely help you write a modern life of Christ.