Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday in the Third Week of Easter -2012
There are moments, no doubt, when anyone of us stops to questions how our faith is feeding us.  Perhaps we might not consider faith as a cereal, a salad, a soup or a steak meant to nourish us in our daily encounters with life.  Yet, as John, in today's gospel, writes there is a significant difference between "Moses Manna" fed to the Jewish people in the desert and Jesus, "the bread of life."

John's words about Jesus the food given to people of the New Testament times until this very day and forever afterwards as nourishment for body and soul.  As St. Augustine in one of his letters noted the excellence difference between the bread of angels (desert manna) and the Body and Blood of Christ.

We might consider this:  as each day fades into night and then into the morning light do I look back at the lost 24 hours to find the moments when Jesus did indeed provide my body and soul with spiritual food?  What were those moments?  Can you remember?