Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday in the Second Week of Easter - 2012


Jesus, a la St John, brings us into a personal theological reflection while still in his "seminar" with Nicodemus.  A slow and repeated reading of John' s verses might open up the heart to a better understanding of Jesus' reflection on the relationship of God with the world.
The message is clear:  God so loved them world that He gave the world His Son, Jesus, to provide redemption for humanity.  The gift of salvation has been offered to every human creation of God. However, not every human being seems to have succeeded in achieving the salvation made ready for everyone.
This loss did not come about because God had or has had preferences. Rather the building up of two groups of people, the saved and those not redeemed comes about by choice.  Each of us has the opportunity to maintain a relationship with God.  Unfortunately the use of choice enters history.  Each of us is free to love God and to follow His will as taught by Jesus Christ.  Likewise each of us is free to turn from God ... usually because something attracts our attention and fidelity. 
Even though the "retreat sense"of Lent is finished for another year, we need, at times to examine the choices we that are guiding our lives.  As we strive to know more of the Risen Jesus on our journey to Pentecost, we must always be aware of how easily "demons" can capture our hearts!  How much greaert would be the welcome for the Holy Spirit be on Pentecost if we could celebrate that feast day having discovered any reasons that might be separating us from God as well as the desire to remove them from our lives.