Friday, September 21, 2012

Twenty-fourth Week
Ordinary Time

Feast Day Honoring
St. Matthew


Front Piece
Above Entrance
Cathedral of St. Matthew
Washington, DC

Early this morning I had the opportunity and gift of the Holy Spirit to read a reflection written by a Jesuit Scholastic (seminarian) currently teaching sophomore high school students about the New Testament.  This young man, obvious more than just a product of good studies, demonstrates how much insight can come from studies, yes, but from prayer as well.  Has been teaching his students a particular insight:  "... the Apostles emerge as a "Why have I not perceived these chosen ones as the lynch pins of our early years of faith building and church formation?" 

As Mr. Kieras, SJ points out the Apostles are more than men personally selected by Jesus.  They are "divinely-appointed interpreters of the events."  It is this group of men that we must attribute the formation of the "kernel" of the New Testament.  The Evangelists and the preachers carried the reality of the message to so many places.  It is the lives of these men and the traditions they brought forward that enable us to have a more than historical picture of the man, the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

We have come to realize, as did this young Jesuit, that the truest treasure we have for understanding who Jesus was and the message he brought from the Father for all humankind can be found in the words and actions of The Twelve.  They were his closest friends.  They saw and experienced Jesus' work with sinners and saints.  These were those selected to hear from Jesus better than any others the meaning of his life on this earth among men.  Other messages can be found but none carry the authenticity of an apostolic experience with Jesus.

Thank you Mr. Kieras, SJ, wherever it is that you are bringing the message of the apostles to young men.