Thursday, January 10, 2013

January 10, 2023, Thursday

The sands of 2013 have almost put two weeks of time in the hour glass of this new year.  Yet we when we look at this spent time in another way, we have only used 3% of the year.  Now might be  time to evaluate those resolutions made in the days of Christmas celebration.  Perhaps at this time we might realize that we may have been shooting for the moon or that we have not honestly looked at what we should be doing to better our lives.

Today's readings continue to lay before us positive issues where each of us can think "This is where I should focus my attention."  Why do I focus your attention on this?  I personally feel this new year is a time when God is offering you, my readers and me, fertile soil for planting the seeds of good works that will make this a good year for us.  I know this:  if I seriously consider where God wants me to till the soil of the earth, his people, I know that I do not need waiting until the dark cold days of December to evaluate whether or not this has been a good year for me.  If I get about doing what God is asking of me for this year, I will feel the success of my resolutions within a few weeks or months.

Reread the first reading.  Focus not so much on the issue of the love we must have for our sisters and brothers.  Rather, read