Friday, January 11, 2013

January 11, 2013, Friday

Today's gospel:  Jesus' healing touch curing the leprosy that afflicted a man.  We are truly blessed by our Church's liturgists who at some time in the past selected the readings for the days of the Christmas season even through the days after Epiphany.  These stories, these event are a reminder in very human experiences of the wondrous gift our God has given us in the person of his Son.

What is the gift Jesus gives the leper?  Perhaps we might ask what are the giftS Jesus gives?  Put yourself in the picture.  What would be your reaction?  Would there be a sense of gratitude?  Would you think about Jesus' action.  He touched a leper!  In those days that would mean Jesus would be subject to the law for touching such an outcast.

As you read this event, it is important to recognize your reaction to what happened.  Would you go over to the cured man and give a hug of celebration or would you do nothing until a doctor gave the man an all clear note?

It is a cause for pause:  Jesus healed so many by his touching.  In doing so he also touched the community:  is there not a moment of gratitude when we learn someone has overcome cancer?  How important is the simple human touch in our various experiences?