Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mistakes Forgiven

Seven times seven:  the number of times I should forgive someone who has offended me ... if necessary.  So, Jesus is teaching this to everyone.  We should rejoice because there are times, when we are offended, hurt or insulted, that our brother or sister should come to us with words of forgiveness.

It is that simple.  When we offend, God expects that we should take the time and the willingness to approach the person we have offended and bring to him/her words of apology, seeking forgiveness.  Our sister or brother, likewise, who come to us with words seeking forgiveness should we have been offended by him/her.

We read the story of the servant who was forgiven by the master but who was unable to extend the same kind of forgiveness to a fellow servant who owed the servant a debt.  We can think of moments when we encounter a situation like that in the gospel.  What do we do about it?

What do you do?  You take your problem to your friend, Jesus, and talk it over with him.  "Jesus, you know the circumstance that has me weighed down.  What am I to say to my colleague who was so brutal toward me with his/her language and accusation?"  If we take the time to stop talking to Jesus and about the situation, if we take the time to simply stop talking to Jesus and open our ears, he will speak with a reply.  But we have to stop reminding Jesus about the incident.  You know, I do believe he knows all the ins and outs about the matter.  Let him whisper into your heart and ears.  He will bring to you a few words or thoughts of forgiveness and consolation.