Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Do You Believe?

Today the first reading speaks so strongly about who we can become when we truly place our trust in God. SUrely we live in a very trying world at this time in our national history. Certainly we live in challenging days in our Church. Neither, it seems, is able to offer us the gift of hope that we had placed in these institutions for centuries. Who believes that our national government is working in our favor? Seemingly only a few Republicans who are convinced they can right the course of our government. Who believes that the division between Kingdom and Communion Catholics can be resolved even with the upcoming election of a new Roman Pontiff? Read and reread the words in the first reading. Moses was confronted with the pain and worry of his people. He speaks out with words that he hopes will strengthen their hope. Catch this line from deep into this reading: "For what great nation is there that has gods so close to it as the LORD, our God is to us WHENEVER (bold letters mine) we call upon him? Think about this statement of hope, this reminder of God's care for each one of us. If I truly have a strong awareness that God is right with me whenever I need him, I would be better able to confront the challenges that confront me throughout the course of any day. Whenever the road is rocky, what do think might happen if you honestly turned to Jesus and said, "Okay, my friend, here I am. Help me through this situation, this worry, this pain, this disappointment, these scary days. I trust you will help me." What do you think will happen? This is the challenge for you today, as here in the nation's capital city we are beginning to see our lawns covered with snow.