Thursday, May 2, 2013

And Who Are You?

Today's Readings

Today's readings speak to us again of God's love for us and the need we have to love one another.  We live in an era when criticism of others can be found in great abundance.  So often we cite the difficulties between the several political factions that exist.  Likewise we can easily cite the criticisms of individual politicians.  There is a radio station in DC broadcasting so much negativity from early in the morning even until the evening hours.  There is a cable TV station that is no different.

As I read the words of the two readings, I find the summons to understanding, patience and trust so opposite to what we experience.  The first reading surely reminds us that God sent his son to save all humanity not just special people.  Our challenge is to do our part to accept all of the people who live on the face of the earth because they are children of God.

As our world becomes more and more proficient in technology, the more and more we lose proficiency in dealing with our brothers and sisters, don't we?

Let us examine our lives today.  Do I harbor a dislike or even hatred toward others because they do not conform to my ways of thinking and acting?  Do I fail to show others decent, human respect even though I might not agree with them?

Let us pray today for the grace of acceptance ... acceptance of all God's children.