Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wonder of Faith

What St. Luke offers in the first reading is truly a cause for us to wonder, to marvel at what might seem impossible or just a made up story by the Evangelist.  It is, however, an event in the lives of St. Pau and Silas that should help us consider the role of works in our daily experiences:  the works of service to others.

how often do we hear from other the impact upon their lives when they sacrifice time in their daily schedule to give their time in whatever way possible to those who might be "imprisoned" by circumstances in their lives.  How many times have others come to us with the troubles?  How many times has their need become for a heartfelt need to reach out with the charity?  How often have these moments of "interference" become moments of profound awareness of the presence of the Advocate, Holy Spirit?  Take a moment to recall a time when  someone's need takes your attention and makes it lead you to helping that individual?

So often  someone who does "impose" upon another's time, is the voice of the Holy Spirit.  It is the call to deeper faith awareness in your.  Why is it that someone who does give of his/her free time to answer another's needs almost always say "I feel so good after helping in that time of another's need."?  Why?  Well, this man's heart the answer is simple:  the Holy Spirit has led a person to another experience of God's reward to someone who has helped another.  It is the realization that Jesus' command has been fulfilled: "Love one another as I have loved you."

When your daily routine is challenged by another's need, stop for a moment and realize what is happening:  the Holy Spirit is knocking at your door!  Like St.Paul who opted not to escape immediately, will you make room in your life to help someone just as Paul chose to attend to the prison guard who was considering taking his own life.  His decision led to a remarkable moment.  The prison guard realized he was dealing with more than one reality:  Paul's charitable concern reflected the power of God in Paul's life.  Every time you step out of your programmed existence to help someone else, you are accepting an invitation to the goodness and joy of the Holy Spirit.