Monday, July 1, 2013

Firefighters' Tragic Death

Eternal Rest Grant Unto Them, O Lord!

Firefighters have been part of my life
Dad, uncles, cousins, myself
To hear that 19 have given their lives
trying to save the lives and properties of many
I stopped to consider a loving friend's text message of support to me
and to reflect on my own pain.

19 valiant firefighters trapped and sucked of life
no easy death they gave.

Imagine this morning
how many teared eyes are staring into the heavens
wondering, imagining, fearing, hurting
a spouse,
a Dad,
a son or daughter,
a grandson or granddaughter,
a nephew or niece,
a sibling, a cousin,
a colleague 
who thinks it could have been me
little leaguers
fellow church-goers
school classmates
civic communities
and all
first responders of whatever service
hundreds when just one of this noble army
painfully leaves this world.

imagine nineteen public servants
believing they would lick those flames
with water lines, shovels and hoes
not by
giving their lives.

Eternal Rest Grant Unto Them. O Lord.
Comfort give to thousands, those mentioned above,
their hearts seared in pain.

We know none of them most likely
but in today's solitude of our hearts and minds
we know they, too, are ours 
to lift up in
gratitude and prayer.