Monday, July 1, 2013

You Think You Can Follow ME?

Matthew reminds us that the path we follow, tracing the footsteps of the God who has invited us to be his friends may at times seem very different from what might be preferred.  The question may well be that we should be asking ourselves is this:  Do I honestly want to follow Jesus?  Do I seriously face the challenges that would lead me to another pathway, apart from where my friends wishes me to walk?  Can we not ask this question:  Have I honestly addressed the serious challenges I allow my world to put between me and Jesus?

To say in private prayer and conversation"Jesus, yes, I  do wish to follow you" but to respond with actions similar to the man in today's gospel -- telling Jesus to wait a while, I have various realities in my  life that will not make it easy for me to say that I will follow you without delay, without giving in to distraction?

The road that I choose to follow demands that I take time often to examine my life.  Why?  Simple:  so that I may fully know myself and all of my weaknesses and distractions.  Do I have an inscrutable life because I really do not want to make the choices required to be a follower of Jesus?

So, as one grows older, it is necessary to pray for the Holy Spirit to grant the wisdom to know how I should bypass destructive ways that enter my life.  However, if one can recognize these destructive way, then pray for the graces to overcome them.

Recall the Responsorial Psalm:  "The Lord is kind and merciful.... He redeems your life from destruction.