Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Transfiguration Day

Today's Scripture

Yesterday, St. Luke reminded us that Jesus always is with us if we open our hearts to welcome him.

Today, St. Luke brings us with Peter, John and James to the mountain top where he begins to pray.  Apparently the apostles fall asleep and do not realize what is happening until the event is well underway.  Also, note that in Luke's gospel Jesus always goes to the "mountain top" to pray.  Perhaps it is a place in Luke's mind where the praying individual is not disturb by the activities that are ever present when not on high.  Perhaps this is a suggestion that solitude is one of the best places for letting the Holy Spirit into our hearts.

Imagine being with Perter John and James.  How would you express to your family or friends what you  experienced when the moments of Transfiguration took place?  Imagine seeing Moses and Elijah.  What would you think if this happened to you today?  Recently a friend related the experience of Padre Pio appearing to him in his pre-op hospital room and the saints giving him a bible which he has this day!!!!  No trouble with the subsequent heart surgery!!!  Imagine Jesus and the two Old Testament figures being present before you.  It has been known that such appearances do happen.

God the Father reaffirms for us that this Jesus is indeed his Son.  Read the Father's words slowly several times, trying to imagine hearing those words.

Today's reading is yet another invitation to realize how fortunate we are to have the God that is ours.  Furthermore it is a reminder to us that if we seek God's presence, there is a likelihood that he will be present to us ... perhaps not in similar visions as mentioned above.  But he will come to us.