Monday, August 5, 2013

"You Feed Them"

Today's gospel brings us again to a familiar story from the life of Christ.  Within these few verses of the gospel, there are at least three thoughts that may be of assistance to your prayer and reflection.

Jesus, as we read, is impacted by the news of the tragic death of his cousin, John.  Being the human being that he is, Jesus wanted to be alone for a while.  He seeks out a place to be along with the Father. However, a crowd, seeking to be with him, learns of the desolate place and walks there to be with Jesus.  He graciously accepts their presence and starts to teach them.  He is more concerned about them than he is about himself and the loss of his vibrant cousin.  When overwhelmed and another seeks some of your time/talent, what is your reaction?

Jesus continues to teach for some time but as supper time draws near the (perhaps hungry) apostles remind Jesus that the crowd is hungry but they have not come with food for 5000+ people.  Jesus tells the apostles, "You feed them."  In the lives of most of us today there are family/friends who seek our help.  Perhaps Jesus is saying to us, "You feed them."  How do you respond?

Lastly,  imagine yourself as being in the crowd and you witness the almost incredulous action of Jesus. The little food that was available become more than sufficient to give nourishment to the men, women and children who are there with them.  Perhaps Jesus is reminding us, once again, that he is always there with us.  Call to mind a present need, a current problem that faces you or your family.  Have you included Jesus in the resources you have been seeking for a resolution to your needs?