Sunday, January 26, 2014

3rd Sunday Ordinary Time

All that we read from the daily Mass lectionary's selections point us in one direction:  God calls each of us to be messengers of the gospel.

During my annual retreat which just ended, my director, a trusted man of God, spoke with me about my life and how I use my talents to be God's messenger.

There are so many people hurting in our communities today.  How do I, how do you reach out anyone go those folks?  Do I truly care about any of these folks?

In my life I know that many think "He is a priest.  He is close to God.  He does not find himself 'hurting.'"  My friends there is no priest who is not challenged by the realities in our Church and/or society today.  Who lights up our world?  Hopefully most of my brothers see that it is in serving the needs of God's people that there is an answer, there in. Sunrise each morning.

Today's responsorial psalm is a marvelous little prayer that can guide us through the day.  But never forget being a light to others brings the SON into our lives.