Thursday, January 30, 2014

Successes for What?

After Nathan had spoken to King David, 
the king went in and sat before the LORD and said, 
“Who am I, Lord GOD, and who are the members of my house, 
that you have brought me to this point?

Dear Friends,

These words from 2 Samuel 7: 18-19 bring to my mind and heart what it is like to sit in silence before The Lord.  Here David is reflecting on his successes and what the prophet has told him about God's plans for him.  So, I ask myself "What is it that God has promised me for time in my life?  This is a question each of us has to ask of ourselves:  "What are my accomplishments intended to be for me to carry out God's will for my life?"

It is one thing to recognize my achievements and successes.  It is very different for me to discover why God gave my so many graces in my life.  I have to be careful:  God did not give me successes to hide them.  Each of them is meant to be an instrument we place in God's hands to serve others.

A noble follower of Jesus is not simply to be a person of goodness.  Our giftedness from God is meant to be graces that enable us to be evangelizers!

Don't allow God's plans for you to be frightening.  If you let weaknesses hold you back, remember St. Paul's words:  in our weakest moments God achieves the most in us.

God be with you and let us pray for one another.

Fr.. Milt