Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Graces of Snow!

Dear Friends,

If you are living in the area that has been coated in white -- now being covered by genuine icing, if you can, let this act of mother nature provide you with some quiet time.  I hope you can use it to visit with a good friend, Jesus.

No one showed up for the morning Mass.  Prudence and wisdom seem to have had success!  After some time behind a snow blower, I was walking to the Hermitage, where I live.  As I neared the house, I felt a strong urge to do nothing but sit in the house chapel.  So, with a cup of hot tea, I took my chair in the chapel and began a wonderful time with God.   I found it much easier today to let Jesus lead the conversation.  There were not great distractions.

It is in these moments when I know that Jesus is with me.  And, to be sure, I pray not just for you, but that that you can find time today to allow yourself to let heart and mind be at rest -- especially with Jesus Christ.

A friend wrote these words I would like to share with you:  "Worries can be the mother of discouragement and isolation.  Prayer is a meeting with God's grace that reinvents my spirit and my graced life."

This is what can happen on a snowy, icy day.  So, let the words of a song that come to mind be sung a few times today:  "Let it snow! Let it snow!"

Let us treasure the opportunity to listen to the voice of a loving God who desires only goodness for me ... and for you.  Let the snow that covers the grounds around you, also cover those worries that might bring you discouragement or isolation today.  Let that openness of snow-covered yards and fields bring you to the presence of your God.

Oremus pro invicem,

Fr. Milt