Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Listening Gift

Dear friends,

“If only my people would hear me,
and Israel walk in my ways,
Quickly would I humble their enemies;
against their foes I would turn my hand.”

Words from the responsorial psalm.  How many times have people uttered those first seven words?  So often I say those words to myself about myself.   How many times have I failed to listen to the words of the Holy Spirit or Jesus himself?

I continue to tell myself that if I would  take time to listen, time to be alone with the Lord as I was yesterday.  Walking in the way if the Lord would, I am sure, be so much easier if I tried to listen each day.

One of the signals that I am not taking time to listen is the unrest that troubles my heart.  So often I find myself wondering why a solution is taking so long.  My spiritual director smiles when I share that with him.  I know the answer, too.

May the Holy Spirit always be with you and may you make certain to provide time in your life to be a genuine listener.

Happy Valentine Day!

Oremus pro invicem,

Fr. Milt