Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Why Different?

From the Hermitage

Dear Friends,

The new work as Pastor has taken much time and energy.  It is not overwhelming but for a few weeks there will be many challenges to my calendar.   Like this week, the week of faculty preparations for the beginning of school next week.  I am working with the Principal, assisting her and the faculty in several matters.  As well, there is a new program to be initiated in the parish that is taking time.  Likewise bringing the wonderful staff to work a la Jordan takes time and the effort to understand fully the marvelous gifts each of the staff members has to offer the whole team that I am working to put in place.  It is so exciting.  Indeed it is fun!  Cardinal Wuerl was amazed when we met at the recent Knights of Columbus annual convention to hear a pastor say those words.

Today, I am relying on the words of a professor, a dental physician, at Creighton for an insight he had regarding the gospel reading.

God’s love and gifts are personalized just for us. We are accepted, loved and blessed individually. We are moved and called by the spirit individually. We should not compare and view as competition the position, gifts and blessings of our fellow pilgrims for we cannot fathom the insights of God, nor do we fully know the depths of the needs of our brothers and sisters. It is difficult but, in faith, we must focus on our own acceptance by God. (Dr. Mark Latta)

Sometimes I find myself wondering why it is that another person has so many talents or seems to be so often living on "Easy Street."  Dr. Latta's insight is helpful.  We must not forget that we are not God.  I don't always know why another priest has so many talents or skills.  Probably I have to realize that God has a special vocation within the priestly vocation for that brother priest.  In my own family I have one brother who was always so very intelligent ... and never used that gift.  I questioned God.
And, now, as I grow into those senior years, I am overwhelmed by the brilliance of so many of the younger men and women I encounter.  Likewise I am amazed at their insights that lead them to reach out to others in so many unique ways.

So, let's not forget what Dr. Latta wrote:  "God's love and gifts are personalized ...."

Oremus pro invicem!

Fr. Milt