Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Question: Gospel Story Relevance

From the Hermitage

Today's Gospel

Dear Friends,

This gospel story always seemed to stop me.  Do you think what happened in the story that Jesus told about the wedding feast would actually happen today, in our culture, our society?  I doubt it.  If someone of the rank that is in the story invited people to a similar wedding feast, the streets would be jammed.  People who had not received an invite would be willing to pay high prices to earn a place in the dining hall.

So what does this story mean for us today?  Perhaps the answer to this question is that people today are greatly impacted by "importance."

Do we see the difference, however, in the invitations that God sends our ways?  Usually God invites us to events or moments that are not dressed in the trappings of royal celebrations.  How many are there who would refuse and invitation to a White House dinner especially if they are not satisfied with the performance of the current President?  Perhaps a minimal number!

God invites us to celebrate with his Son in unique moments:  orchestras, black tie suits, pricey gowns are not needed.  All one has to bring with him/her is a little humility.  God's invites usually are invites to be like his Son -- to join with those in need of something be it of material need or spiritual growth.

Pope Francis, to celebrate his birthday brought four homeless men from the streets of Rome to his house for dinner, one even brought his pet dog.  I wonder about this:  how many folks with homes, cars and almost all the material needs necessary, would have come if there were room for three or four spaces left at the table?