Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Walking With Me

From Ignatius House

Dear Friends,

Apologies for missing a few thoughts yesterday.  I was called to be a witness in a legal matter in the local courthouse ... and involved in the matter from 8:00 AM until 6:30!  What a day!  Along with five others called to testify, I sat outside the courtroom waiting to be called.  No such luck.  We have to return on November 24th!  Hopefully being Thanksgiving Week, the trial will be concluded before bird day!  Now to prayer.

Are there not hours even days when we are aware that our lives are cross-bound.  No matter who we are, regardless of our state in life, we encounter crosses quite regularly.  To expect or hope that each day of our lives would be free of one kind of challenge or another would be no different than the individuals mentioned in the gospel.

How many times in your personal prayer have you promised Jesus, "Yes, I will follow you ... wherever you lead me"?  Probably the answer would be some like this if we are honest:  "I can't remember.  It's at least once each day."   How many mornings, as we might pray to a guardian angel, do we feel that there is a challenge or a cross to carry?   None of us is free of such a life.

Why should we be different from the Lord Jesus who came to this earth to save us, to redeem our sinfulness?  Each day Jesus had to think about what was ahead for him.

Today pray to him especially for the graces you need to carry your cross not in a spirit of annoyance but rather with an awareness that Jesus is there with you, to assist you, to strengthen your resolutions and your fidelity to our Father.

Oremus pro invicem.

Fr. Milt