Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What Shall I Build With a You?

Dear Friends,

     During one of my consults with a Trappist monk who is also a priest, we discussed just how challenging it is for us to discover what it is that God wants from each person in his/her life?  The Samuel reading for today's liturgy reminded me of my conversation.  

     Today most of us have come to recognize that we are gifted with more than one specific talent or skill.  But what is it that God wants us to build for himself with our talents?  How do I best serve God in the circumstances and situations that are the venues in my life?

     The little part of the world that I find around me needs me especially as God wants me.  How much peace and strength do I bring to myself and others when I understand God's will for me!

     David thought Yahweh expected him to "build a house," with lumber etc.  It took some time for the great king to realize that God wanted him to "build a house," a house built with people.  God wanted David to establish a dynasty, that kind of house.  Would we ever have had the Book of Psalms had David insisted on being the builder of God's temple?

      Am I building the kind of "house" God hopes I will realize as his will for me?